Team development, creative Direction and website rebranding of Fashion Foundry Company


Fashion Foundry’s CEO, Jeff Clifford, found me at my final portfolio review as I was graduating from my Illustration Major in South Florida. There, I empathized with his vision and passion for packaging design, brand development and manufacturing.
One of the biggest reasons I decided to join Fashion Foundry was seeing Jeff’s absolute dedication to his business. My objective was to keep pushing that vision through the creative side of the business to surpass the expectations of his retail buyers.
It has been a long journey since 2017. At that time, Clifford had only two big brands selling at discount stores in the US and Canada. Now, in 2020, we have more than five brands selling through retail and e-commerce platforms around the world, all of them with outstanding packaging and branding made by the amazing team of designers I was able to help him develop. In addition to the brands currently under our umbrella, Fashion Foundry is also expanding its business into private labeling services for both product development and manufacturing partnerships.
A Team Of Passionate Designers Overseas
I started working with Jeff and his vision for Fashion Foundry while he was living in Zhuhai, China. The vision grew from one person (me at the time) handling all the design work to a team of four multifaceted designers. As we continue to build on our experience in product and packaging design, working directly with partner suppliers in Asia, I have endeavored to keep the company culture friendly, empathetic and passion driven, just as its CEO has always envisioned.

I was able to help our designers create a bond with their positions and find their strengths, bringing each of them out into the spotlight to generate a fun and driven creative process. With different project management techniques, they all work independently to reach their goals across marketing, UI and UX design and, of course, creative, beautifully illustrated packaging.

An Office Only For Creative Processes
 In 2018, Fashion Foundry had the pleasure of opening its first office in Latin America, pushing the company to another level. I was able to facilitate this innovation by reconnecting to my roots and flying back and forth to my home country, talking to schools and testing recommended designers to make sure Fashion Foundry could find the talent we needed.

Developing Fashion Foundry’s team has been one of the best experiences of my career. I’m very grateful to have found a CEO and founder who was open to my ideas about hiring remote talent and happy to trust my creativity and research skills.

As a final note, I recently had the honor of rebranding and republishing the company website with the help of the wider team and a talented copywriter. I am extremely grateful for the supportive business partnership I have created with Fashion Foundry, and I am happy to share my experiences, first as a designer, and now as a creative director.

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